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Quebec City, Completed June 2015

 OMA, Ceren Bingol (Project Architect)

Quebec Museum photography is by Iwan Baan.

Quebec Museum photography is by Iwan Baan.

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The 14,900sf museum stacks three gallery volumes in a cascading cantilever over the Grand Hall.

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The museum structure steps up in section and steps out in plan, creating a cascading cantilever that opens up towards the Grand Allée

and invites the city into the building while acting as an extension of the park through the green roofs and carefully placed windows and terraces.   The Grand Hall, a transparent glass box independently supported by vertically cantilevering glass fins located underneath the cantilevering museum structure as well as the intimate courtyard, both add new urban plazas to the city and to the museum complex.  Quiet, functional and understated, the museum’s galleries stack upwards in the order of required gallery dimensions for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent galleries.

The hybrid steel truss structural system used throughout the building creates uninterrupted gallery spaces and provide the building’s formal identity as the truss structure is exposed behind the triple layered glass facade surrounding the entire building.  The frit pattern on the glass facade mimics and enhances the reading of the steel structure while providing the required thermal control to lower mechanical loads.  



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On the ground and basement levels, a series of public programs are accessed from the Grand Hall

-coat check, cafe, museum shop and auditorium- via a promenade of structurally and formally monumental staircases -the spiral staircase of the atrium and the exterior pop-out staircase which adds to the formal expression of the building.  


Queens Museum of Art

Completed 2013

Grimshaw, Ceren Bingol (Designer)

A series of interventions into the existing World’s Fair building are aimed at both keeping the historical identity of the building as well as providing the desired openness, daylight, visibility and functionality to the museum program.  A chain of 7 daylit galleries surround the glass cascade of natural light diffusing and amplifying chandelier-like enclosure.  


Skylights above the glass enclosure filter ample daylight into the large works gallery,

as well as the surrounding chain of galleries, where the carefully designed louvred-roof structure both diffuses and reflects desirable amounts of evenly distributed daylight on the gallery walls

Queens Museum photography is by Hai Zhang.

Queens Museum photography is by Hai Zhang.


The west facade, facing the Grand Central Parkway, has been redesigned with a new entrance and a 200' wide by 27' tall interactive glass wall that will announce the museum to the 244,000 cars driving by every day.